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Dear colleagues,

Edition Nautilus is an independent publishing house founded in 1974 and located in Hamburg. Edition Nautilus publishes fiction and political non-fiction as well as biographies and a small art-series named »Die Kleine Bücherei«.

In the following list you will find a range of titles from the current program and selected titles from our backlist. If you are interested in any of these books, please let us know and we will send you a reading copy, abstracts and further information.


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Foreign Rights
Fall 2019


Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Best regards. Katharina Picandet


  • Selim Özdogan Der die Träume hörtSelim Özdogan, Der die Träume hört – a fascinating crime novel that has it all!
    “Der die Träume hört” (“Hearing the dreams”) is a novel about what you win and what you lose in social rising. Ab out drug trafficking 2.0, which remains a dirty business even on supposedly clean internet platforms. About how we want our lost sons to have it better than we did.
    “Der die Träume hört” is to be published in September 2019, galleys are available
  • Isabel Fargo Cole Das Gift der BieneUpcoming 2nd novel by Isabel F. Cole: „Das Gift der Biene“
    Can East Berlin in the mid-1990s be the only place where History isn‘t over? Recent college graduate Christina from New York City seems to believe so.
    “Das Gift der Biene” is to be published in september 2019, galleys are available.
  • Matthias Wittekindt’s crime novel »Die Tankstelle von Courcelles« 2nd at German Crime Novel Prize (Deutscher Krimipreis)
    The last (and prequel) volume of Matthias Wittekindt's Fleurville series, »Die Tankstelle von Courcelles«, has just come in 2nd at the German Crime Novel Prize (Deutscher Krimipreis). It had already been elected as one of top ten best German crime novels last year (Krimibestenliste Mai 2018)
  • Fahim Amir’s »Schwein und Zeit« selected for the top ten best non-fiction books
    Fahim Amir's »Schwein und Zeit« (»Being and Swine«) selected for the top ten best non-fiction books of January 2019 (Sachbuch-Bestenliste).

    After having received the Austrian Karl-Marx-Award even before publication, Amir's book is now confirmed by a jury of journalists and booksellers as one of the best non-fiction books and praised with hymnic reviews in Neue Zürcher Zeitung and DeutschlandRadio.

    English translation samples of two chapters are available, please feel free to order!
  • Frank Adloff’s »Politik der Gabe« selected for NBG
    Frank Adloff's »Politik der Gabe« (»Politics of the Gift«) selected for New Books in German and thus for translation funding by Goethe-Institut! An English sample translation will be available soon, the NBG-Catalogue will be published in early March 2019, in time for London Book Fair. Early birds can order (German) reading copies of the book at any time!
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