Timo Daum’s »Die Künstliche Intelligenz des Kapitals« sold to Korea!

Timo Daum Die künstliche Intelligenz des Kapitals

© Maja Bechert

We are happy to announce that Timo Daum’s witty and accessible left critique of Artificial Intelligence will be published in Korean by East-Asia Publishing Co.

About the book:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere: the biggest web firms have invested huge sums in Alexa, Siri etc., they are about to become the next big thing in Digital Capitalism. Timo Daum writes about the history and the present age of a controversial discipline.
What is intelligence, and can it be an appropriate term to describe software whose reactions we are tempted, intuitively, to call »intelligent«? Are chatbots who post racist comments in the internet really AI? How can algorithms »learn«? Are their conclusions traceable, or have they turned into black boxes with their own will, that no human and no institution can understand, let alone control?
Technical questions cause political questions: Who owns the algorithms and data, the means of production of AI-economy? Who controls them? Who controls the controllers? If big private firms make big money with Artificial Intellicence, if robots create surplus value, what are the effects on the digitalcapitalist society? And what if an autoritarian state such as China invests massively in AI development?
In this book, Timo Daum explains the technical, economical, political and social aspects of a technology that is about to become the next big market – after the internet, smartphones, big-data-applications and streaming. His book is an accurate left critique on AI on the current state of research, free from fearmongering and showing realistic political perspectives.

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